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  • Listen to Charlie Ricketts on the first and third Wednesdays of each month beginning July 2011 on 970 AM Radio (WGTK). Charlie continues as “spokes person” for the Louisville Bar Association Communications Committee by discussing legal matters with talk show host, Joe Elliott. This form of community education on behalf of the Bar was begun by Charlie approximately 25 years ago. The firm feels honored to have this relationship with the community on behalf of the Louisville Bar Association.
  • 8/2/1010 - Jonathan Ricketts was elected Chairman of the Louisville Metro Ethics Commission.
  • Distinguished Service Award - Charlie Ricketts
    The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an LBA member who has made a significant contribution to the bar association through volunteer service. Charlie Ricketts has been a stalwart member of the LBA for many years, serving on the board , on the executive committee, and as president. He continues to serve on several LBA committees.
  • Ricketts consistently speaks at CLE seminars and writes for Bar Briefs. He volunteers for many of the association's public service programs, including Call-A-Lawyer and Law Day in School. He has worked tirelessly to promote both the legal profession and the bar association within the community and has been the voice behind the " Ask the Lawyers" program on WHAS Radio for over 20 years. For all his efforts on behalf of the Louisville Bar Association and the legal community, the LBA recognized him with the Distinguished Service Award.
    His chosen profession, the law, has brought him many honors - he is a former President of the Louisville Bar Association, a three-term Governor of the Kentucky Bar Association, and President of the Kentucky Academy of Justice.
  • Mr. Ricketts Successful on behalf of Whistleblower
    Mr. Ricketts was successful on behalf of his whistleblower client Kenneth Hollis against the Tennessee based American Home Patient Inc. which paid $7 million to the federal government to settle allegations in a Kentucky case that it submitted false medical claims, according to the United States Department of Justice. Attorney Charlie Ricketts brought this case on behalf of a former AHP employee.
    Hollis was awarded $1.2 million of the government's $7 million settlement.
    Under the Federal False Claims Act, people who know of individuals or companies defrauding the government can sue on behalf of the government and share the proceeds of the suit.
  • Ricketts named Chairman of former FBI agents' organization
    The Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Inc, has named Mr. Ricketts to the position of Chairman of that national organization's legal committee. Ricketts is a former special agent of the FBI.
  • Moral Courage: A Review of a Biography of Ed Prichard Jr. by Jonathan S. Ricketts
  • Embodiment of Professionalism by Jonathan S. Ricketts
  • Case Analysis: Snodgrass v. Snodgrass by Jonathan S. Ricketts
    From ROLL CALL, Newsletter of the Military Committee, ABA Family Law Section; Vol. 2010-2 Summer 2010
  • 2010: A Good Year for Rule of Law for Kentuckians and Nation by Jonathan S. Ricketts
  • 5/3/2011- Jonathan S. Ricketts addressed the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana regarding the Louisville Metro Ethics Commission.
  • 9/2011 - Jonathan Ricketts spoke at Hanover College.
  • 8/2011 - Jonathan Ricketts filed a Petition for Cert with the Supreme Court.
  • 10/12/2011 - Jonathan Ricketts addressed the Louisville Forum on ethics and transparency in government.
  • 2011 - Jonathan Ricketts was appointed to the Honor Flight Board.
  • Jonathan Ricketts appeared before the Government Accountability and Ethics Committee of the Louisville Metro Council to address proposed amendments to the Louisville Metro Ordinance.
  • 07/24/12 - Jonathan Ricketts was accepted into the Leadership Louisville class of 2012-2013.
  • 11/19/12 - The Deputy Judge Advocate General of the United States Navy awarded Jonathan S. Ricketts the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for his volunteer service over the last 7 years with the Boy Scouts of America, Kentucky and Louisville Bar Associations, Foster Care Review Board, Louisville Metro Ethics Commission, and the Kentucky Chapter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  • 12/19/12 - JAG, Hollywood-Style article by Jonathan Ricketts: As a JAG, I was first impressed with the number of hats I would be wearing right out of law school. Not only would I prosecute or defend sailors or Marines, I was trained to conduct investigations, manage and direct a support staff, and provide legal assistance. Almost every episode of JAG that I have seen has in some way shown Harm or Mac representing a service member or conducting an investigation... Read complete article
  • 01/08/13 - Bar Association names 2012 Award Winners The Louisville Bar Association has named the Leadership Academy Steering Committee, Jonathan S. Ricketts, Chairman as 2012 Committee of the Year. He will be recognized at the association’s annual Bench & Bar Dinner on Thursday, January 24, 2013.
  • 4/10/13 - Jonathan Ricketts participated in Career Day at St. Albert the Great School hosted for 5th through 8th grade students.
  • May 2013 - Jonathan Ricketts was recognized as a graduate of the 2013 Class of Leadership Louisville.
  • 6/4/13 - Jonathan Ricketts spoke at the Heartland Conference as a panel member on the topic of "Lobbying, Ethics, and Campaign Finance Violations: A View From the Defense Bar".
  • June 2013 - Jonathan Ricketts successfully set aside an award relating to military pension in a domestic relations matter before the Kentucky Court of Appeals. The opinion can be found at
  • 6/28/13- Jonathan S. Ricketts addressed the World Affairs Council Delegation from the Philippines of Kentucky regarding the Louisville Metro Ethics Commission.
  • 7/16/13- Jonathan S. Ricketts spoke to law students at the Louisville Bar Associations "Get on Track Seminar" regarding the practice of family law.
  • 9/26/13- Jonathan S. Ricketts volunteered at the Woman's Healing Place and spoke to the residents on topics related to family and criminal law.
  • 11/23/13 Ricketts Law Offices volunteered at the St. Vincent DePaul soup kitchen, serving lunch to the homeless
  • 12/10/13 Jonathan Ricketts addressed the Metro Council’s Government Accountability and Ethics Committee regarding the Ethics Commission’s Annual Report found at
  • 1/20/14 Jonathan Ricketts served as a panelist for a discussion hosted by the League of Women Voters of Louisville. The topic was “Breaking Bad: Tackling Unethical Behavior in Government.”
  • 1/17/14 Jonathan Ricketts’ letter to the editor regarding James Carroll’s article entitled "Most Kentucky congressional members are milliaonaires, analysis shows" was published in the Courier-Journal. Read complete letter
  • 1/24/14 Jonathan Ricketts presented the Federal Court Practice session at the January 2014 New Lawyer Program in Lexington
  • March 2014: Jonathan Ricketts addressed the World Affairs Council from Venezuela who were in town on a U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program. The theme of their program was Transparency and Accountability in Government and the discussions were on the Louisville Metro Ethics Commission and accountability in government.
  • June 2014: Jonathan Ricketts, Charles E. Ricketts, Jr., and A. Carl, Platt were all awarded the 2013 Continued Legal Education award by the Kentucky Bar Association for obtaining over 20 hours each of continued legal education hours this year.
  • July 2014: The Commander, Naval Personnel Command has awarded Jonathan Ricketts a Naval Officer Billet Classification (NOBC) of Capital Litigator, based upon his experience, training and skills in his military and civilian practices.
  • In July 2014 Jonathan S. Ricketts was admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Kentucky.
  • September 2014: Jonathan Ricketts volunteered at the Woman's Healing Place, on behalf of the Louisville Bar Association by providing general legal advice in the areas of family and criminal law.
  • Ricketts Law Offices worked closely with the Legal Aid Society to provide pro bono services through the Doctors & Lawyers for Kids program, by completing a pro bono adoption for a local family.
  • Charlie continues to serve on the Louisville Bar Association’s Committee on Judicial Integrity and Independence, the purpose of which is to assure public confidence in our judiciary by overseeing the campaign and advertising practices of those who seek election to the Bench. Such a goal can only be achieved by honest and trustworthy campaigns.
  • Charlie was chosen as a 2014 Kentucky “Top Lawyer” (the second year in a row), by his peers.
  • Charlie has been named as Chair of the Kentucky Bar Association’s Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee for 2014-2015.